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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great Burdock Soup with Corn and Chinese Herbs | Easy Asian Cooking

Great Burdock Soup with Corn and Chinese Herbs (药材玉蜀黍牛蒡汤)
Great Burdock Soup with Corn and Chinese Herbs (药材玉蜀黍牛蒡汤)

This soup is a variation of Great Burdock Soup with White Radish, Carrot and Shitake Mushroom (牛蒡汤), with meat. I have consumed half of the 2-meter-long great burdock and decided to transform the remaining half (1 meter) into soup as well, but this time I paired with corn and Chinese herbs. Both are Chinese-styled clear soups with a distinct of sweetness, but between the two I veer on this. Maybe the flavors of great burdock, spare ribs, corn and Chinese herbs complement and working off one another seamlessly, making this soup is a winner.

This recipe was built from scratch, I just whacked all ingredients I have in hands in a stockpot. The broth tastes mostly of long-cooked pork ribs with enough Chinese herbs and great burdock to flavor, but not overwhelm.

If you have moments of brain drains in which you run out of ideas what to cook next while having Chinese herbs abound at your kitchen cabinet, you may want to try this out. The great burdock soup recipe goes like this.

Ingredients :

300g pork ribs, cut into bite-size pieces
1-meter-long great burdock (牛蒡), brush off any muds on its skin while rinsing under cold running water, cut 2-inch lengthwise, and then into half 
1 corn, cut across into approximately 2-inch thickness
3 pcs of dang gui (Pharmaceutical name : Angelica sinensis) 当归
5 pcs of dang shen (Pharmaceutical name : Codonopsitis Pilosulae) 党参
12 red dates (Chinese dates or red jujube) 红枣, halved and de-seeded
6 pcs of bei qi (Pharmaceutical name : Astragalus propinquus) 北芪
2 tbsp of qi zi (Chinese wolfberries or goji berries) 枸杞子
1500ml water

Great Burdock Soup with Corn and Chinese Herbs Ingredients
Ingredients : Great Burdock, Corn and Chinese Herbs

Method :

1. Rinse pork ribs, great burdock, corn and all Chinese herbs thoroughly and drain, set aside.

2. Parboil or scald the pork ribs into boiling water and skim off any floating scum. Blanched pork ribs is then removed and set aside. Water discarded.

3. In a clean stockpot or deep claypot, pour in 1500ml water and let it boils. When the water is rolling boil, put the blanced pork ribs, corn, great burdock and all the Chinese herbs into the pot. Turn to low heat and simmer for 1 to 2 hours. Alternatively, slow cooker (crockpot) or double-boiler can be used.

4. Add a pinch of salt to taste 5 minutes before serving the burdock soup.

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  1. I love herbal soup. Looks delicious

  2. Thanks for sharing soups with all those herbs. I can only make simple soup or those ready packed type but not with herbs.

  3. @ MaryMoh : I heart herbal soup too and always have the tendancy to put the herbs into the soup as long as the flavors is not contradicting. :)
    @ Ancoo : Sometimes I also opt for commecially pre-packed package for its convenience. Since recently I have abundance of Chinese herbs in hands, I just simply incorporated them into soup. :)

  4. Thanks to give me these type of information

  5. thanking for sharing such wonderful recipes .I just dont know what to prepare for my daughter's confinement and now with your various recipes, I am indeed very grateful to click on your blogs.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. For postpartum diets, you can refer to Chinese Confinement Food Recipes as below link.

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