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Friday, June 19, 2009

Papaya Soup with American Ginseng & Black Chicken Recipe | Easy Asian Cooking

Traditional low fat and healthy herbal soup recipe which offers excellent medicinal virtues, is brothed with papaya, black chicken and american ginseng, also a great confinement recipe for breatfeeding mums.
Homemade Papaya Soup with American Ginseng and Black Chicken Recipe
I like to broth traditional Chinese-styled soups especially whenever I feel the body is in need of some replenishment in one area or another.

Papaya Soup with American ginseng and black chicken is said to nourish kidneys, replenish blood, enhance digestion system and strengthen bones and tendons. This traditional low fat and healthy herbal soup is also a great confinement recipe for breastfeeding mums. The selected papaya should not be too ripe (1/3 ripen, with the criteria of papaya's skin slightly greenish-yellow in color).

As for black chicken, beyond being evil-smelling or bitter-tasting, the soup however, is tinged with sweetness from sweet dates and papaya. Black chicken enriched in protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, and it helps to replenish blood and Qi (boosting), liver and kidneys, expel body heat and regulate menstrual ailments. Traditional Chinese medicine has held that chicken soup made with black chicken meat is a curative food where it is usually used to make broth and braising.

Concocted from American ginseng, sweet almonds and sweet dates, the soup incorporates all the herbal essence in promoting general health. American ginseng is root of a plant similar to Korean ginseng, but it has the Yin properties which helps to clean excessive Yang in the body, whereas sweet almonds (sweet apricot kernels) target the lungs and sweet dates target the stomach and spleen.

After imbibing a bowl of this soup, overall balancing out the yin and yang within seems to be compromised.
(Philosophy of Yin and Yang in the sphere of food : Yang foods are believed to increase the body's heat (raise the metabolism), while Yin foods are believed to decrease the body's heat (lower the metabolism). The ideal belief is to consume both types of food to keep the body in balance).

A healthy chinese tonic soup recipe laid out as below.

Ingredients : 材料
1 whole black chicken (rinsed, chopped)
1 papaya (peeled, diced)
40g sweet almonds (南杏)
20g American ginseng(sliced)(花旗參)
2 sweet dates (蜜枣)
5 bowls water

Seasoning : 调味料
Salt adequate

Method : 做法

1. Scald the black chicken into boiling water. Drain up for use.

2. Bring the water to boil into a boiling pot. Put in all ingredients and bring to boil. Simmer for 2 hours with mild flame.

3. Season with salt. Stir well and ready to serve.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot & Spicy Belacan Prawns Recipe | Easy Asian Cooking

Sautéed in pounded spices of chillies,belacan,curry leaves,dried prawns and shallot, then concealed and cooked together with prawns in aluminium foil, this features a traditional Malaysian cuisine, the very best of authentic Malaysia recipe!

Hot and Spicy Belacan Prawns Recipe Baked in Aluminium Foil
This is a tempting spicy dish which is fragrant and bursting with flavour! With local flavour thrown in with the presence of belacan, we enjoyed the lip smacking lunch at home.

Belacan, is a Malay-Indonesian sauce made with dried shrimp paste, is a dense mixture of fermented ground prawns. It is commonly used in Southeast Asian cuisine. It is pungent in smell and the strong fishy flavour will dissipates during cooking, which in turn will help you to clear the congested nasal passage. :)

You can indulge in spicy belacan prawn if you're hankering for some traditional true-blue Malaysian cuisine. This dish totally captures the essence of Malaysian cooking and is one of the authentic cuisine derived from the rich multicultural culinary heritage of Malaysia.

Prawns are seasoned with traditional Malaysian ingredient - chillies, belacan and curry leaves to give a wonderful fragrant aroma. The curry leaves lend a distinct flavor and complement the richness of belacan, and the chilli padi (bird's eye chillies) add an extra kick to the dish. The wonderful aromas wafting over to us when we opened up the aluminium parcel with the rumbling stomachs. It's such a wonderful dish to whet our appetite!

If you running out of aluminium foil, alternatively, you can deep-fry the prawn briskly in hot oil until golden brown. Dish and drain, put aside. Then sauté the pounded spices with the previous fried prawn added in again and stir well to coat.


Hot and Spicy Belacan Prawns Recipe Baked in Aluminium Foil 前阵子从大众书局买了“大牌档食谱”,老公也顺道掀了一下,对这道菜垂涎欲滴。 当然,为了满足他的味蕊,就依样画葫芦地尝试一下,果然正入他的口味。






1 tbsp oil 1 大匙油
500g big prawns (about 8 - 15 prawns)500g大明虾,约8-15只

Spices (Pounded or Blended) : 香料(打烂或以搅拌机搅烂)
3 tbsp dried prawns 3 大匙虾米
6 shallot, with skin peeled off 6粒葱头子,去皮
6 chilli padi (bird's eye chilli) 6条指天椒
6 red chillies 6条红辣椒
1/2 tbsp belacan 1/2 大匙马来栈
1 tbsp curry leaves 1大匙加哩叶

Seasoning : 调味料
1/2 tbsp light soy sauce 1/2大匙生抽
1 tsp sugar 1小匙糖
500ml water 500ml水
1 sheet of Aluminium foil 1张锡箔纸
100ml water 100ml水

Method : 做法

1. Pound the dried prawns (presoaked in warm water for half an hour and drained), shallot, bird's eye chillies, red chillies, belacan and curry leaves with a mortar and pestle until fine. Alternatively, all the spices can be blended using blender or food processor with some oil added in.

2. Heat up oil. Sauté the pounded/blended spices mixture, stir-fry briskly over high heat, then turn to mediun low heat until fragrant. When the colour of the spices mixture changed from chilli red to dark brownish-red, add in seasoning and stir well.

3. Place all the prawns in Aluminium foil, pour in the previous sautéed sauce (in Method 2) and wrap up neatly.

4. Bring 100ml water to boil in a clean wok. Place the above prawn parcel in the wok, close lid and simmer for 15 minutes (or until water is dry and Aluminium parcel puffs up). Ready to serve.

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Herbal Chicken in Aluminium Parcel Recipe | Easy Asian Cooking

An easy to prepare tender herbal chicken (preferably kampung chicken) wrapped in aluminium parcel which is delicately infused with chinese herbs, this is also the best mantra for simple confinement recipe.

Baked Herbal Chicken in Aluminium Parcel Recipe
I adore traditional chinese herbs dishes especially whenever I am hard pressed for time, besides its undeniably excellent medicinal virtues, it's also easy to prepare with minimum of fuss. Most of the traditional chinese herbs are all thrown in a pot which is bring to broth, simmer, stew or braise, which require minimum attention.

Using Aluminium foil to wrap and cook in boiling water is one of the greatest cooking techniques ever invented. Besides preserving its moist, keeping the chicken meat succulent and tender, it also preventing the chinese herbs mixture from flowing out. It's full of flavour and packs a wallop of heat. The chicken is delicately infused with aromatic herbs, making this a scrumptious meal on its own. Just by giving me this and a plate of piping hot rice and I am set.

Here's some indication of the chinese herbs used. Although it is a bit hard to come across chinese herbs in some non Asian areas, it is definitely worth the search, considering its therapeutic and curative properties.

Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root) 当归, has been used to promote menstrual flow, as an abortifacient, antiseptic, expectorant, diuretic, and as a cure for the plague. It tastes sweet, bitter, acrid.

qi zi (Chinese wolfberries fruit) 枸杞子, resemble tiny red currants are said to nourish and tonify the liver, lung, kidney and improve vision. The berries are usually fresh and sometimes used when it is dried. Goji Berry is mostly used to treat kidney, liver, eye, and skin problems, diabetes, tuberculosis, anxiety, and insomnia. It also helps to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They are known to improve the state of health, strengthen the immune system and increasing the longevity and vitality of the human kind.

If you are looking for a quick and nutritious traditional chinese herbs recipe, then look no further because this easy chicken recipe has your answers. This simple yet nutritious recipe is bound to please and it's definitely a quick 'fix' for looming hunger pangs. Serves 5.



这是另外一道用锡箔纸烹饪的菜肴,不费时,也不费力! :-) 由于锡箔纸封住了鸡汁流失的机会,所以鸡肉尝起来特别鲜甜,滑嫩,入味。



Ingredients : 材料
1 kampung chicken, cut into pieces 1只马来鸡,斩块
8 slices dang gui 8片当归
1 tbsp qi zi 1大匙杞子
1 tbsp shredded ginger 1大匙姜丝

Seasoning : 调味料
2 tbsp salt 2小匙盐
1 tbsp oyster sauce 1大匙蚝油
2 tbsp shaoxing cooking wine 2大匙紹兴酒
1/2 tbsp sugar 1/2大匙糖
1 sheet of Aluminium foil 1张锡箔纸
300ml water 300ml水

Method : 做法

1. Mix all ingredients with seasoning. Wrap with Aluminium foil and seal tightly.

2. 300ml water bring to boil in a clean wok. Place the chicken parcel into the wok, cover with lid and steam for 20-25 minutes medium low heat until the water is dry and the chicken parcel puffs up. Ready to serve.It goes well with piping hot rice.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eggplant with Chilli Prawns Recipe | Easy Asian Cooking

An easy to prepare delectable spicy eggplant recipe (aka brinjal, or aubergine), by deep-frying the eggplant, and then topped with mixture of stir-fry prawn and chilli sauce in one plate, to satisfy spicy food craving!

Eggplant with Chilli Prawns Home Cooking Recipe I used to have fried eggplant with my ex-colleagues in one of the Kulim restaurant, with fried eggplant is their house specialty dish. It's such a savory flavour that I kept repeating order everytime we repay the visit. In remembrance for the dish after I left the company, which I have lesser frequency of going to Kulim nowadays, I have to turn my craving for fried eggplants from restaurant-serving-plate into my kitchen stove. And this is the chance for me to expand my culinary repertoire too!

Eggplant which have a somewhat bitter taste, becomes tender and rich in flavor when fried. Then it was coated in this slightly salty and spicy sauce, which is perfect enough to awaken lethargic appetite!



Ingredients : 材料
300g eggplant (brinjal, or aubergine) 300g茄子
2 cups oils for deep-frying 2杯炸油
1 tbsp chopped shallots 1大匙葱头子碎
2 red chilies, with seeds removed and chopped 2条红辣椒,去籽切碎
100g shelled prawns 100g虾仁
2 tbsp chopped spring onions 2大匙青葱粒

Seasoning : 调味料
1 tbsp light soy sauce 1大匙生抽
1 tbsp oyster sauce 1大匙蚝油
Dash of pepper and sesame oil 少许胡椒粉和麻油
3 tbsp water 3大匙水
1 tbsp corn flour (with 1 tbsp water), for thickening 芡(1小匙蜀粉加1大匙水)

Method : 做法

Eggplant with Chilli Prawns Home Cooking Recipe
1. Cut eggplant (brinjal, or aubergine) into strips and deep-fry until cooked. Dish and drain. Place in a serving plate.

2. Leave 1 tbsp oil, sauté chopped shallot until fragrant. Add in chilli, prawns and stir well. Add in seasoning and stir-fry until well-mixed.

3. Thicken with corn flour water, sprinkle chopped spring onion and stir well. Pour the mixture over fried eggplant and serve.

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