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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Herbal Chicken in Aluminium Parcel Recipe | Easy Asian Cooking

An easy to prepare tender herbal chicken (preferably kampung chicken) wrapped in aluminium parcel which is delicately infused with chinese herbs, this is also the best mantra for simple confinement recipe.

Baked Herbal Chicken in Aluminium Parcel Recipe
I adore traditional chinese herbs dishes especially whenever I am hard pressed for time, besides its undeniably excellent medicinal virtues, it's also easy to prepare with minimum of fuss. Most of the traditional chinese herbs are all thrown in a pot which is bring to broth, simmer, stew or braise, which require minimum attention.

Using Aluminium foil to wrap and cook in boiling water is one of the greatest cooking techniques ever invented. Besides preserving its moist, keeping the chicken meat succulent and tender, it also preventing the chinese herbs mixture from flowing out. It's full of flavour and packs a wallop of heat. The chicken is delicately infused with aromatic herbs, making this a scrumptious meal on its own. Just by giving me this and a plate of piping hot rice and I am set.

Here's some indication of the chinese herbs used. Although it is a bit hard to come across chinese herbs in some non Asian areas, it is definitely worth the search, considering its therapeutic and curative properties.

Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica Root) 当归, has been used to promote menstrual flow, as an abortifacient, antiseptic, expectorant, diuretic, and as a cure for the plague. It tastes sweet, bitter, acrid.

qi zi (Chinese wolfberries fruit) 枸杞子, resemble tiny red currants are said to nourish and tonify the liver, lung, kidney and improve vision. The berries are usually fresh and sometimes used when it is dried. Goji Berry is mostly used to treat kidney, liver, eye, and skin problems, diabetes, tuberculosis, anxiety, and insomnia. It also helps to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They are known to improve the state of health, strengthen the immune system and increasing the longevity and vitality of the human kind.

If you are looking for a quick and nutritious traditional chinese herbs recipe, then look no further because this easy chicken recipe has your answers. This simple yet nutritious recipe is bound to please and it's definitely a quick 'fix' for looming hunger pangs. Serves 5.



这是另外一道用锡箔纸烹饪的菜肴,不费时,也不费力! :-) 由于锡箔纸封住了鸡汁流失的机会,所以鸡肉尝起来特别鲜甜,滑嫩,入味。



Ingredients : 材料
1 kampung chicken, cut into pieces 1只马来鸡,斩块
8 slices dang gui 8片当归
1 tbsp qi zi 1大匙杞子
1 tbsp shredded ginger 1大匙姜丝

Seasoning : 调味料
2 tbsp salt 2小匙盐
1 tbsp oyster sauce 1大匙蚝油
2 tbsp shaoxing cooking wine 2大匙紹兴酒
1/2 tbsp sugar 1/2大匙糖
1 sheet of Aluminium foil 1张锡箔纸
300ml water 300ml水

Method : 做法

1. Mix all ingredients with seasoning. Wrap with Aluminium foil and seal tightly.

2. 300ml water bring to boil in a clean wok. Place the chicken parcel into the wok, cover with lid and steam for 20-25 minutes medium low heat until the water is dry and the chicken parcel puffs up. Ready to serve.It goes well with piping hot rice.

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  1. A great blog. Just excellent. The food looks spectacular. All the best.

  2. Hi Charles, thanks! I am new in blogging and will keep on sharing my endeavor on easy Asian cooking recipes. You have a varsity of blogs, wow, it's really awesome!

  3. Lol Yea Asian food with Chinese on it..
    Btw this dish is very healthy we call it 药膳 your recipe..I will try this one tonight.

  4. Great article.Thank you and keep up the great work on this site



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