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Friday, September 18, 2009

Super Chef Blog Award | Easy Asian Cooking

Today marks the third month of my blogging life. The joy of being a tiny part of this vast blogosphere is, beside sharing my culinary adventures and enjoying the nuggets of thoughts of others, I developed a true friendship and an affinity with fellow wonderful bloggers along the way through Adgitize and Entrecard, which values will never been measured.

I made an exception to my usual line-up of topics on culinary to share the honourable recognition as the recipient of Super Chef Award  from Windy from Windmill on the Hill. I was really overwhelmed, stunned and humbled when Windy notified me through my chatbox to grab my blog award this morning. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Windy, for bestowing this wonderful, meaningful and prestigious award to me. You will always find Windy's outstanding and blissful writings that captures his exuberant spirit through his website.

As earlier featured on Windy's blog Yippeee! I found another fellow citizen Blogger, I was really humbled and speechless. Yes, Malaysia is a potpourri where all races culinary expertise has been brought together in one volume and you'll find gastronomic experience is a joyful ride. Besides promoting a wealth of culinary delights like many other websites do, introducing various homecooked recipes is also essential, which led to the creation of this "virtual kitchen" of mine.

While there's way to go in my blogging journey, this distinct privilege make my day and has given me a shot in the arm. Again, thanks Windy!

Here's Super Chef Award for Home Cooking Recipe by Windy :

Super Chef Award for Gladys Kock Home Cooking Recipe

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  1. Hello, I am visiting from Adgitize. Congratulations on your third month of blogging.

  2. I have been to asia and found it very easy to have the ingredients nearby and enjoyed cooking experimentally especially the spices available for my recipe hunt for lamb meat and honestly I gained weight doing thid because I can't stop going to the market and cooking over and over again.



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